Thursday, July 24, 2008

2008_07_24 Road Beautification Continues

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Status of Electricity System - 7/21/2008

Hello All -

This morning, the Director of the Pacific District of ICE (in
Puntrenas) - Abelardo Palma Buitrago - signed the document of
donation, which formally deeds our electrical system to ICE.

This is a monumental event and something we have been waiting months, years for.

All of the Partners of Rio Mar Partners RM, S.A. have endured great financial hardship and stress to reach this point.


Our local Soda Ignacio's Casado Plate

This fabulous food is available from our local chef Cecilia at Soda Ignacio, just a two min. drive from Alazan.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tope Santa Ana

Sunday July 20 was the "Tope Santa Ana" - a "Tope" is a big Costa Rican Cowboy Rodeo and Parade! We missed the Rodeo but made it back from the Airport in time to catch most of the Parade, which went right by the front of our condo building. The Parade was more of a social event with lots of friends greeting friends, drinking and revelry. Half drunk Cowboys would gladly pose for photos.

According to our neighbor Juan Carlos, this beautiful black Stallion cost this guy $100,000!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Stagno House Construction Starts

Alazan announces the beginning of construction of our first Pietro Stagno designed house on Lot #13. Carlos Solano Nunez (recommended by Bruno and Pietro Stagno) will be the General Contractor. Construction is expected to be finished in early 2009. The home is featured on Stagno's web site (see entry below).

The home is designed to the highest of "Green" Architectural Standards and will fit on the lot such that only one small tree will need to be removed.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Architectural Firm of Pietro Stagno - Future Casas in Alazan

Click on the link below to view Pietro Stagno's web site where the future homes in Alazan are highlighted. The blue prints for the homes on Lots #12, #13 and #14 are completed. Pietro is currently in the design phase for homes on Lots #11 and Lot #15

LUZ DE PIEDRA .:. Casas Alazan, Parrita, Puntarenas

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Work Progress on Lot #14 Casita

Gerardo and crew are busy at work constructing a casita/house for Inversiones Torrente De Agua on Lot #14. The house has 2 floors with 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms and a huge bodega/storage area below. By the end of next week, we should have the entire metal framework completed and hope to begin applying roofing materials soon.

Status of Electricity - as of July 4th

ICE was in Alazan the week of June 30 - July 4. Unbelievably, Sr Orlando Gutierrez came up with 15 (yes.. unbelievable) additional items that need to be changed with the electricity system. Our contractor MATELPA will be back in Alazan on Monday 7 July to make all the changes to the hardware. Unfortunately, we need to cut a few more branches, palm trees and small teak trees coming up near the electricity lines. I hope these changes are finished next week!

Kent and Rob's Casita

Meadow House Re-hab

In anticipation of renting the Tico House out to employee "Mayo" and family, we have begun some basic re-habilitation - removal of old sheetrock, damaged wood, structural posts. We are adding in new plumbing, new electrical, new fibrolet siding, etc. We hope to have Mayo and family in by July 15th. Rio Mar Partners is paying for the re-habilitation.

Meadow Water Tank - moved to new secure location

Rio Mar Partners has decided to rent out the small Tico House in the Meadow to the Alazan HOA employee "Mayo" and his family. We needed to move the blue water tank out of the Tico House to a new location. Gerardo used his welding torch to cut open the metal shed (not being used) at the Tico House and we moved in the tank. The meadow water tank is now operational in its new home. This new secure space gives us the opportunity to expand the water system capacity in the future.

Concrete tire tracks in problem area

We have installed concrete tire tracks in this problem area (road at Lot #4) because cars and trucks were not able to pass. Delivery trucks would bog down in the rain soaked soil and create huge ruts. Subsequently, passenger cars (and the KIA 2700) could not pass. This project was paid for by Rio Mar Partners.