Sunday, June 29, 2008

Land Slide - River Sand and Rock Back-fill

We hand shoveled 2 full dump truck loads of river rock and sand into the derrumbe to back fill the gabion boxes. I am getting very strong at shoveling! We then planted the entire area with vetiver grass to further stabilize the slide.

More Land Slide Remedaition

Employee Alvaro is standing in an uncompleted gabion box. We installed a total of 24 boxes at this site. Each rock was hand placed in each gabion box by our employees.

More Land Slide Remedaition

Land Slide Remediation

Each gabion box is hand loaded with rocks of various sizes. This is very labor intensive, hard work.

The KIA 2700 picking up the gabion boxes from the manufacturer in San Jose.

Land Slide below Lot #6

In response to the huge rainfall of Hurricane Alama,this land slide occured along the shoulder of Alazan's main road near Lot #6. Since access to all lots in the project is critical, we immediatly began remediation of the problem.

Photos of Rio Parrita

A record amount of rain fell in Costa Rica during the 48 hour period of Hurricane Alma. The photo below was taken near the old "Super Henry" store. The hills in the background are Alazan. The Rio Parrita actually breached the main road and made it impassable.